Copy by Mac

Hello and welcome to my web page

My name is Mac Bull and I am an American freelance copywriter based in Japan.
I am quite passionate about marketing and do my best to offer quality consulting on helping you to:

-Improve your website
-Write/Improve your Yellow Page ad -Or whatever copywriting needs you have

What can I do for you?

My passion will transfer into any writing project I take on. I excel at the research that goes into creating a quality sales letter, report, whitepaper, or press release. It all requires research and creativity and that’s what I’m about. In high school and college I loved the history papers and social studies reports we had to write.


Because I would get to work on the research and in return I would put together a well written paper. This is what will transfer into the assignments that I take on from you.

This is what makes it worth it to work with me.

But that’s not all…
I have studied and crafted my creative writing skills for many years. Because I reside in Japan, I bring sprinkles of bi-cultural and international flavor to my writing. This is combined with solid storytelling. There are many colorful aspects that come together so that your copy will be finely crafted.

copy by mac

You deserve more than ordinary. Please make an initial contact at:


Good luck in your endeavors and I look forward to hearing from you.


Mac Bull